Salama: International division is the biggest obstacle to the return of security and stability in Libya.

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2019-11-30 16:44:00

Tripoli, 30.11.2019 - Lana - The UN envoy to Libya, 'Ghassan Salama', criticized the UN Security Council's attitude towards dealing with the Libyan crisis, calling it sterile. In a televised statement, Salama said the United Nations is seeking to establish an international umbrella to implement what Libyans had agreed upon, saying "A political meeting on Libya will be held in Berlin before the end of this year. The Berlin conference is seeking an international agreement on Libya that the Security Council has failed, and hoping that the meeting ends with a ceasefire in Libyan." Salama said there was an agreement on six issues at the Berlin preparatory meeting, including a return to the political agreement, arms embargo, a ceasefire and the launch of an economic package, and security arrangements in Tripoli. The international envoy stressed that these issues need time for implementation, considering that the international division is the biggest obstacle to the return of stability in Libya. =Lana=