Salama: Security Council Futile and Cannot Solve the Libyan Crisis.

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2019-11-14 18:14:00

Algiers, 14 November 2019(Lana) UN Envoy to Libya Ghasan Salama has said that 'the UN security Council has reached the stage of futility and cannot take any resolution on the crisis in Libya. In statements to the Algerian Radio, Salama called on major powers to come together on the Libyan file without taking decisions on behalf of Libyans themselves. He lauded Algerian role in the Libyan issue in the face of the challenges it faces on the Libyan borders which costs it dearly financially and on the security level. He described the Security Council as futile, saying it failed to act on several files including the Libyan crisis despite holding 14 meetings. The UN Envoy said the Libyan consensus would be sabotaged because of its foreign links unless there was an international consensus on the file. =Lana=