Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies Meeting Kicks off in Algiers.

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2019-10-09 15:57:00

Algiers, 9 October 2019(Lana) The 28th meeting of the Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies 'AMAN' kicked off in the Algerian capital on Tuesday, with participation of 16 members and absence of the Libyan News Agency. Algerian Communications Minister Hasan Rabhi said in the opening speech transformation of news agencies from traditional news organs to universal media outlets was imposed by modern media and communication technologies and the information flow created by SMS services, and even so with the spread of disinformation and manipulation of information. He said the role that news agencies should undertake nowadays is to unveil the disinformation and manipulation in the media and convey the truth to the reception party. AMAN is consisted of news agencies of Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Albania, Serbia, Croatia and Turkey. The absence of the Libyan News Agency from AMAN is because of failure to pay its subscription fee for multiple years, not only to AMAN, but also other unions of which Lana is a member, including the Federation of Arab News Agencies FANA, the Arab Maghreb News agencies Union, and the Islamic Conference News Agencies Union, despite correspondence to the Presidency Council and other relevant bodies to pay off the obligations. =Lana=