US Embassy condemns the air raid targeting Equestrian Club in Tripoli.

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2019-10-08 16:12:00

Tripoli, 8 October 2019 (Lana) The US Embassy condemned Monday the air raid targeting Equestrian Club in Janzour near Tripoli. The embassy said 'It deplores the recent escalation in the acts of violence and attacks targeting civilian infrastructure including the air raid on October 6 on Equestrian Club in Janzour. It said in statment;'the raid injured innocent children in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law'. 'We are committed to working with all parties to end the conflict and provide an opportunity for the Libyans to restore their normal live' it added. UNSMIL reported that the air raid by Hafter forces Sunday injured several children and damaging club facilities. In statement yesterday UNSMIL said it dispatched an assessment team to identify the targeted site and nature of the attack. 'the assessment team managed to ascertain that a fighter jet dropped four unguided bombs on Equestrian club, a civilian installation and no military assets of installations were observed at the targeted site' it added. UNSMIL said it condemns in the strongest terms that horrifying attack and reaffirms that any attacks on civilians and civilian installations constitute a serious violation of international humanitarian law and human rights law and could amount to a war crime and UNSMIL would share the information and the evidence collected during the assessment mission with the Security Council, team of experts and other relevant international entities'. =Lana=