Tunisian Foreign Ministry: Military Option in Libya is not Solution.

Published On(
2019-10-08 15:42:00

Tunis, 8 October 2019(Lana) Tunisian Foreign Minister Khamis Jheinawi has called for a halt to foreign interventions in Libya and said military option was no solution to the crisis. Jheinawi called, at a meeting with Ambassadors of the 5 UN permanent Security Council members France, US, Britain, China and Russia in Tunis, for more coordination and consultation both on unilateral and multilateral basis, to bring an end to the armed conflict and restore peace and stability to Libya. Jheinawi whose country is assuming the non-permanent membership of the Security Council in January 2020, stressed the importance of Libya as a pivotal issue that affects the economic and security situation in Tunisia. He reiterated Tunisia's inalienable position towards the conflict in Libya, its call for immediate halt of fighting, a return to the UN-sponsored talks and also its call for halt of foreign interventions in the Libyan business. The Tunisian Minister stressed the key role of Libya's neighbouring countries particularly Tunisia in the quest for a permanent political settlement of the conflict within the framework of the tripartite initiative by the late President Al Baji Qayed Al Sebsi, underlining the need for engaging Libyan parties in ongoing effort to resolve the crisis. The Ambassadors welcomed the effort being made by Tunisia for a political solution to the crisis in Libya, lauding the country's foreign policy based on balance, moderation and respect of international legitimacy. =Lana=