Libya, Water Prospects, Experts Warn Against Perils Threatening Water Resources.

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2019-09-22 15:57:00

Al Zawiyah, 22 September 2019(Lana) The Oil and Gas Engineering Faculty of Al Zawiyah University, in collaboration with GNA Ministry of Local Government, the Al Zawiyah Municipal Council and the General Water Authority, has conducted a seminar under the theme 'Prospects of Water Resources in Libya.' The seminar, held at the 'Culture House' in the city of Al Zawiyah, was attended by Government officials, researchers, academic people and water officials. A water expert Omar Salem said in his presentation 'the steady decline of water levels in aquifers especially in densely populated areas and agrarian activities have led to deterioration of quality water supply and rise of costs. More wells have gone out of service because of high level of salinity which threatened water supply to consumers in urban areas. The discussion also involved water supply from the Man-made River Ghadamis-Zwara-Al Zawiyah system and the technical problems and sabotage assaults on water facilities. The MMR official Mohamed Saleh briefed the audience on the components and objectives of the river and the shares of every town and village, he also explained the strategic plan prepared by the MMR at the current phase. The Seminar also dealt with the issue of desalination facilities and the obstacles facing the General Desalination Company. The General Water and Sewer Company outlined the challenges facing the sewer facilities including the water processing plants, explaining that lack of proper treatment of sewage water causes contamination of Sea water and the ground aquifers which have dire consequences on public health. =Lana=