PC President meets head of European Council.

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2019-05-13 17:03:00

Brussels, 13 May 2019 (Lana) President of Presidency Council Fayez Al sarraj met Monday in Brussels President of the European Council, Donald Tusk The talks covered developments in Libya and the European position. Media Office of the President said Tusk stressed that Libya is a strategic partner to the EU and its stability is decisive for the security of the region in southern Mediterranean and the Sahle region. Tusk was quoted as saying that the attack on Tripoli threatened the peaceful process which made long strides towards a settlement reaffirming that the EU would work to find a formula for cease-fire and contribute to a peaceful and democratic solution within the framework of the UN. Asseraj outlined the stance of the GNA which was caught by surprise while it was preparing for a national conference, emphasizing that the government is exercising its legitimate right to counter the aggression. Asseraj called for a unified and just European position, one that does not equate between the aggressor and the victim. Asseraj said the goal of the attack has become clear to all which is to abort the political process and restore the tolitarian rule to Libya which will not take place. He stressed that the will of the Libyan people will prevail to build its longed civil state, state of law and institutions. =Lana=