Libya neighboring countries seek to bring back the fighting parties to the negotiating table.

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2019-05-11 21:54:00

London, 11.05.2019 - Lana - Tunis which is the head Arab Summit and to be a member in the international security council, is taking the necessary preparations to host a new meeting soon, for the foreign ministers of Libya's neighboring countries' "Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria", noting that it comes within the "marathoner" Arabic and international actions witnessed by the capital Tunis a month ago , due to the war in the capital Tripoli and the adjacent Libyan areas to Tunisia' eastern borders as well as Algeria. Al-sharq al-Awsat newspaper published in London, said today, that the Tunisian leaders had expressed many times their fear of replaying the killing scenario in 2011 and 2014, when the war in Libya had directly affected Tunis and the rest of neighboring countries economically, socially and security. =Lana=