Closing number of oil exportation ports due to bad weather conditions.

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2018-12-01 18:26:00

Tripoli, 01.december.2018 - (Lana) The national oil company "NOC" , on Friday announced the closure of number of crude oil exportation ports in the country because of bad weather condition. The company in a statement on its official page on the internet said that , "loading oil operations from Ras-Lanoof , Zwitina , Zawia and Sedra are completely halted due to high waves, and the company could be forced to stop the operations in Breqa port" , pointing out that the loading operation will be resumed as soon as the weather improves. The statement said that , "the production has declined to 159 thousand barrels per day , and its likely to decrease by another 50 thousand , because of the capacity reduction in the additional reservoirs". (Lana)